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Our law firm helps people injured in truck rollover crashes strike back

Some of the deadliest crashes on our roads involve tractor-trailers that roll over. When trucks roll over cars, or block the roadway, they can cause catastrophic and even fatal injuries. That’s why trucking companies and truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and avoid truck accidents.

When they fail in that responsibility, victims often feel like they’re out of options. You need a strong and experienced truck accident attorney on your side. You need McNelis Law to help you strike back.

Trucking companies and truck drivers are responsible for rollover crashes

While there are several reasons tractor-trailers roll over, nearly all have one thing in common: negligence. A properly maintained and balanced truck driven by a safe and responsible operator will rarely if ever roll over. Some reasons a truck might cause a rollover accident include:

  • Driver is distracted, fatigued or intoxicated;
  • Cargo is improperly loaded, piled too high or unbalanced;
  • Trucker is driving too fast, especially in inclement weather;
  • Trucker makes sudden turns or lane changes;
  • Poor maintenance causes issues with brakes or steering.

In many cases, truckers cause rollovers because they are inexperienced, poorly trained or simply reckless. Under those circumstances, the trucking company still bears some responsibility for failing to ensure that its drivers are safe. In other circumstances, the trucking company may be held directly liable for failing to maintain the truck or properly load the cargo.

An experienced lawyer is on your side

If you’ve been injured in a rollover accident, you need to take action right away. Get attorney Edward P. McNelis on your side. Edward will investigate to determine the cause of your accident and fight to hold the trucking company responsible. Your compensation is our priority.

What happened wasn’t your fault. Work with a truck accident lawyer who will help you fight back. Contact us online or call 570-455-6335 today.

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