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There’s nothing scarier when you’re driving down the highway than the sight of a tractor-trailer jackknifing in front of you. Big vehicles pose bigger dangers to everyone else on the road, and jackknifing is one of those dangers. These truck accidents can cause severe and even fatal injuries to people in smaller vehicles.

If you’ve been injured in a jackknife accident, you don’t have to face the trucking company alone. McNelis Law helps injured motorists strike back.

Understanding why trucks jackknife – and what you can do about it

A tractor-trailer is said to jackknife when the trailer folds in against the cab, forming an angle similar to a folded pocketknife. Trucks jackknife for many reasons, but nearly all of them are the result of errors made by the trucker. Some of the common causes of jackknife accidents include:

  • Following other vehicles too closely, especially in wet or slippery conditions, which may force the trucker to slam on the brakes;
  • Taking turns or bends at too fast a speed, or decelerating during the turn instead of slowing down prior to the turn;
  • Braking and swerving at the same time during an evasive action – the best practice is to brake, then swerve, then brake again;
  • Failing to properly maintain the vehicle, especially the brakes and hydraulics, which can contribute to loss of control.

In short, most jackknife accidents are the result of speeding, reckless driving or negligence on the part of the truck driver. Truckers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely, and trucking companies need to take responsibility for the training, supervision and conduct of their drivers. Unfortunately, too many trucking companies put profits ahead of safety, and that leads to these devastating crashes.

Get a jackknife accident lawyer on your side

With attorney Edward McNelis on your side, you can get to the bottom of what happened. Edward and his team will thoroughly investigate your crash and find out why the truck jackknifed in the first place. Armed with that knowledge, he’ll help you strike back at the trucking company and fight for the compensation you need.

Don’t try to take on the trucking company alone after a serious jackknife accident. Contact us online or call 570-455-6335 today for your free consultation.

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