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Rear-End Auto Accidents and Whiplash, Pennsylvania Attorney Discusses

Pennsylvania auto accident attorneyYou’re sitting and waiting at a traffic signal for the light to turn green. The last thing probably on your mind is the risk of being involved in an auto accident. But then out of nowhere, another driver fails to stop and slams into the back of your vehicle.  

You exchange insurance information and wait for the police to arrive. Meanwhile, you don’t experience any pain from the crash. After the standard accident procedures are complete, you continue throughout your day without the thought of seeking medical attention.  

The next day, you experience some mild discomfort in your neck. That mild discomfort eventually turns into acute discomfort. Days later, your ability to engage in everyday activities or perform your job duties is hindered by nagging pain and stiffness. If this has happened to you, then you have sustained whiplash 

What is whiplash? 

Whiplash can occur in any rear-end auto accident, even at low impact. It’s caused by a sudden forward and backward whip-like motion of the head. This motion causes the connective tissue in the neck and upper back to become overstretched and even damaged.  

Symptoms can be immediate or can take days to appear. They include:  

  • Tightness and spasms in the neck, upper back, and shoulders 
  • Tension headaches 
  • Limited range of motion in neck 
  • Fatigue 
  • Dizziness 
  • Confusion and disorientation 
  • Blurry vision 
  • Sleep disturbances 
  • Changes in mood 

In a higher impact crash, whiplash symptoms can be more severe. Crash victims can sustain permanent damage to vertebra or connective tissue encompassing the spine.  

What to do if you have sustained whiplash in a crash

No matter how minor or severe your whiplash may be, failing to seek medical attention can allow the condition to worsen and even result in permanent complications. Additionally, you may have sustained another underlying injury that may be identified through a medical evaluation.  

The process of treating whiplash can be costly and lengthy. It may require x-rays, physical therapy, and pain medication. Your recovery may require you to take time off from work. The medical bills and lost wages can take a financial toll on your life. That’s why it’s important that your rights as a crash victim are upheld.  

If you have sustained whiplash in a rear-end auto accident, you deserve to be compensated to the fullest extent. The Hazleton, PA attorneys at the Law Offices of Edward P. McNelis have the experience and legal knowledge to handle the most complex auto accident cases. Contact us today to learn more.

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