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Automated Safety Features Can Save the Lives of Pennsylvania Drivers

Pennsylvania auto accident attorneyTraffic fatalities are on the rise across the United States. Despite experiencing a decline in injuries after the economic crash of 2008, Americans have since returned to the road, and traffic fatalities are again on the rise. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projects that 2016 traffic fatalities are at least eight percent higher than 2015 fatalities (which were, in turn, 7.2 percent higher than 2014 fatalities). 

Pennsylvania car accident injuries can best be prevented by avoiding accidents altogether. By pairing new technologies with safe driving habits, the roads of Hazleton can be made safer for everyone. 

Anti-lock Braking for Motorcycles:  FairWarning reports that anti-lock braking (a feature which has been standard on many passenger vehicles since the 1990s) is quickly becoming a standard feature of motorcycles, as well. All new motorcycles sold in Europe must now include ABS. Japan, India and Brazil are all requiring ABS for motorcycles on a phased-in schedule. Despite support from NHTSA and other powerful advocates, ABS is not yet required in the United States. It is still a widely-available feature, however, and consumers are wise to access its protection. It is interesting to note that both the California Highway Patrol and New York City Police Department require all motorcycles in their fleets to carry ABS.

Lane Departure Warning Systems: An increasingly-popular and prevalent feature offered in new vehicles, lane departure warning systems use a series of sensors to provide dashboard warnings when a driver begins to drift from his or her established lane. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently published a study which found that lane departure systems decreased the risk of single vehicle, sideswipe, and head-on collisions by eleven percent. Injury rates in these collisions was reduced by twenty-one percent with the presence of lane departure technology. Like many other new safety features, however, lane departure technologies are so new that there is not yet enough research to accurately determine their efficacy.

Jalopnik even reports on one study that found crashes to increase in vehicles with lane departure warning systems. Until there is a more extensive body of data, consumers are advised to carefully research and identify safety features which are best suited to their personal driving habits.

Safety Settings for Smartphones: In recent years, distracted driving has become one of the most common factors in auto accident fatalities. Mobile phone manufacturers are attempting to address this problem by improving and enhancing “do not disturb” features on smartphones. As usual, Apple has been at the head of this trend. Business Insider reports that the iOS 11 operating system for iPhone – due for release in late 2017 – will include a comprehensive “do not disturb while driving” function. This function will automatically detect when a user is driving and engage itself. The user receives no notifications and cannot access the home screen until he or she stops driving. The user can override this setting by following a series of prompts. While this override feature is necessary in the event that a user is the passenger (not driver) of a vehicle, it leaves open the concerning possibility that users can override the feature and use a fully accessible smartphone while driving.  

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