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Hazleton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Emphasizes Motorcycle Safety

Attorney Edward P. McNelis offers advice to riders to avoid serious injury

Hazleton motorcycle accident lawyer Edward P. McNelis has a lot of experience representing injured motorcyclists, and he knows better than most the importance of riding responsibly and wearing protective gear.

While all it takes is one negligent driver to cause your motorcycle crash, you can still take steps to protect yourself. If you happen to get injured in an accident caused by someone else, it’s important to remember that you have rights.

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How to prevent motorcycle injuries

While you’re at much greater risk of getting hurt in an accident when riding a motorcycle, wearing protective gear can help reduce your odds of being badly injured in a crash. If possible, wearing protective gear that increases your visibility to other drivers is also recommended. When you’re on the road, you can protect yourself from injury by wearing:

  • A helmet: Head injuries are the most common motorcycle accident injuries, so getting a DOT-compliant motorcycle helmet that fits on your head properly can help prevent serious head and neck injuries, as well as brain damage. In Pennsylvania, you’re required by law to wear a helmet unless you’re over 21 and have either two years of riding experience or you’ve completed an approved motorcycle safety course.
  • Protective eye wear: Along with keeping the wind out of your eyes, protective eye wear can prevent bugs, rocks, and other projectiles from getting into your eyes, impairing your vision, and causing you to crash. Pennsylvania law requires motorcyclists use some form of protective eye wear.
  • A jacket: A lot of riding jackets are made from leather and can protect your skin from road rash in the event of a crash. Some jackets have built-in armor for your elbows, forearms, and shoulders, but the most important thing to remember when choosing a jacket is to make sure it fits correctly. If it’s too loose, you may still experience damage to your skin – such as painful road rash – if you go down in an accident.
  • Gloves: Typically, your first instinct when falling to the ground is to put your hands out and brace for impact. That happens a lot to motorcyclists, causing bad injuries to their hands, wrists, fingers, and knuckles. Padded gloves, including those with extra padding on the wrist, can prevent injuries.
  • Boots: Sneakers and shoes provide little to no protection to your feet and ankles in a motorcycle accident, so wearing appropriate boots while riding is important. If you can get boots equipped with armor, it may help save you from a painful foot or ankle injury.
  • Appropriate riding pants: A lot of motorcycle riders wear denim pants for protection, but jeans without armor don’t provide nearly as much protection to your knees, legs, hips, and buttocks as leather chaps or riding pants equipped with armor.
  • A back protector: While this may not be something too many motorcycle riders think about wearing, it can save your life. Motorcycle back protectors can be worn as either an insert in your riding jacket or underneath your riding jacket. In the event of a crash, it can help prevent injury to your spinal cord and back.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but getting injured in an accident isn’t. In the event of a crash, those who ride motorcycles are almost 30 times more likely to die compared to those in car. While other drivers have a responsibility to watch out for motorcyclists, riders can take these steps to help prevent accidents:

  1. Practice riding: Depending on what type of motorcycle you ride, the way it handles and responds can take some getting used to. Make sure you get familiar with your motorcycle so you can operate it confidently and safely in any conditions.
  2. Maintain and inspect your motorcycle: Be sure to check your motorcycle’s tires (pressure and tread depth), brakes, headlights, turn signals, and fluids before every ride. Also, remember to check for any leaks or mechanical defects before hitting the road, and perform regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer of your motorcycle.
  3. Don’t ride recklessly: Respect the speed limit, follow the rules of the road, give yourself enough room between vehicles, signal when you’re changing lanes, and be extra careful at intersections. While some states allow it, lane splitting by motorcyclists is not legal in Pennsylvania. To give yourself some more visibility, consider leaving your motorcycle’s headlights on at all times while riding (you can even leave your high beams on while riding during the daytime).
  4. Never drive under the influence: Drunk and drugged motorcyclists pose a danger to themselves and others. One of the most critical steps you can take to avoid a serious or fatal motorcycle accident is to always ride sober.

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