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Attorney Edward P. McNelis is known in Wilkes-Barre and throughout Luzerne County as a dedicated and experienced car accident lawyer who will aggressively advocate for the needs of injury victims. If you’ve been hurt in a collision caused by someone else, you have rights, and a knowledgeable car accident attorney can protect those rights. Don’t miss out on the compensation you’re entitled to. Make the right choice and let the Law Offices of Edward P. McNelis handle your case. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Located by the Susquehanna River and serving as the county seat of Luzerne County, Wilkes-Barre has a population of over 40,000 and deals with its fair share of heavy traffic. Collisions on roadways such as Route 309, Main Street, and Wilkes-Barre Boulevard are common, and some of them result in serious injury or death. Just because collisions happen here often, it doesn’t mean knowing what to do after a crash is easy. That’s why so many in Wilkes-Barre choose to get the help of an experienced car accident attorney like Edward P. McNelis to guide them.

Injured in Wilkes-Barre? A personal injury lawyer can help.

You assumed the insurance company would give you a fair settlement offer since you were hurt in an accident and it wasn’t your fault. Now you realize you were wrong. It isn’t a myth that some insurance companies make lowball offers and will pressure you into accepting a quick settlement so they can protect their own profits. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

Strike back and get the compensation you need and deserve. Attorney Edward P. McNelis is a personal injury lawyer who fights for clients in Wilkes-Barre and gets them real results. That’s because he’s been advocating for the injured since 1982 and knows what it takes to win your case.

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In an ideal world, the insurance company would give you the compensation you’re entitled to without a fight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Don’t cheat yourself out of the compensation you deserve. Wilkes-Barre personal injury attorney Edward P. McNelis won’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. If push comes to shove, he isn’t afraid to fight for you in court.

How much will it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer in Wilkes-Barre?

Most personal injury law firms will represent you on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay anything unless they recover compensation for you. That’s the way it works at the Law Offices of Edward P. McNelis, where injury victims don’t pay unless we win. Potential clients in need of help can also have an experienced personal injury lawyer review the details of their case during their free consultation.

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Attorney Edward P. McNelis has been helping personal injury victims in Wilkes-Barre and throughout Luzerne County for decades now, and there’s a reason why so many in Pennsylvania have confidence in our law firm to handle their case: we understand what’s at stake. You won’t be treated like a number or a name on a piece of paper at the Law Offices of Edward P. McNelis. That’s because we realize you’re counting on us to protect your health and financial future, and that’s not a responsibility we take lightly. See what our law firm can do for you and give your case the attention it deserves. Contact us today for your free consultation. Our law firm is based in Hazleton and serves clients throughout Luzerne County, including Wilkes-Barre. Our law firm also handles a variety of cases involving family law.