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You’ve been injured in a ridesharing accident and you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do next. Now is not the time to play the guessing game – it’s time to take action. Attorney Edward P. McNelis is an experienced Lyft and Uber accident lawyer who knows how to help injury victims in Hazleton and Luzerne County get the financial compensation they need and deserve. Leave the work to the Law Offices of Edward P. McNelis and see how a Hazleton Lyft and Uber accident attorney can help you. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Determining fault in an Uber accident

You might not care who’s responsible for your injuries when you’ve been hurt in a Lyft or Uber accident, but figuring out who’s at fault is critical to your case. You need to know whose insurance company to contact and the different rules that apply for certain scenarios.

  1. An off-duty Uber driver injures someone in a car accident: In this situation, the Uber driver’s personal car insurance policy would be responsible for coverage and paying for your damages. If you have no-fault PIP on your policy, you can also file a claim with your insurance company, regardless of fault.
  2. Uber driver is on duty and waiting to accept a ride request: If a driver injures someone in an accident under these circumstances, both Lyft and Uber offer limited liability coverage for personal injury and property damage sustained by the victim. This policy has a per person bodily injury limit of $50,000, a per-accident limit of $100,000, and up to $25,000 for property damage.
  3. The Uber driver has accepted a ride request: Under this scenario, if the driver injures someone in an accident on their way to pick up a passenger, then both Lyft and Uber’s $1 million insurance policy can be triggered to pay for injuries and other damages suffered by the victim.
  4. The Uber driver has accepted a ride request and has a passenger: In this case, then both Uber and Lyft provide liability coverage up to $1 million along with limited coverage for uninsured/underinsured drivers and property damage.

How an Uber accident lawyer can help you

Dealing with the aftermath of a collision is frustrating enough – but crashes involving Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies can have even more stumbling blocks than regular car accidents.

You’re injured and you’re trying to recover so you can get on with your life. You don’t need to get wrapped up in all the specific details of the claims process, and you definitely don’t need to take a chance and guess at whether or not the financial compensation you’re being offered will cover all your damages.

Don’t take for granted the value of experience. Our law firm has been fighting for injury victims since 1982 and knows how to get you real results. Let Hazleton Lyft and Uber accident attorney Edward P. McNelis tackle your case so he can get you the compensation you’re entitled to. Best of all – we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay us nothing unless we win. Contact us today for your free consultation.