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Drowsy Driving a Greater Risk to Hazleton Drivers Than Previously Thought

Many dangerous driving habits receive media coverage and public awareness campaigns through public safety agencies. Drunk driving, drugged driving, seat belt use, and speeding are commonly targeted through such sources. Tired drivers also pose a serious safety risk, but this issue receives less attention than more dramatic road dangers. Nonetheless, drowsy driving can injure drivers,...

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Potholes a Road Hazard for Hazleton Drivers

Road conditions can be a major contributing factor for car accidents. While impaired drivers, toxic chemicals, and other more visible factors often receive more media coverage, the fact remains that poor roadway conditions can be just as dangerous to road users. Victims who are injured in any type of auto accident may have the right...

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Distracted Driving: Avoiding the Risks in 2018

As Pennsylvanians continue to deal with winter weather, we want to remind you that distraction is among the most preventable causes of car accidents in Hazleton. Our injury attorneys reported last month on the risks of winter driving. Yes, driving in snow, ice and reduced visibility increases your risk for an accident. But that is most often...

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Hazleton Workers Comp Attorney Speaks Out Against Proposed Changes

HAZLETON, PA (February 5, 2018) – Doctors who treat injured workers in Pennsylvania will face severe restrictions on their ability to do their job if state legislators approve proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s 103-year-old workers’ compensation system, according to Hazleton workplace injury attorney Edward P. McNelis. “This proposal punishes injured workers, plain and simple,” attorney McNelis...

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Hazelton Drivers Face Winter Weather Car Accident Risks

Winter weather car accidents in Hazleton and throughout Pennsylvania will be a common threat for the next few months. As Lancaster Online reported, the year began with school and office closings across the region as drivers throughout the greater Philadelphia area dealt with icy roads and bone-chilling temperatures. Experienced injury attorneys understand that winter weather has...

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Truck Driver Fatigue Puts all Hazleton Road Users in Danger

Trucker fatigue is a problem that poses an out-sized problem for road users. Of course, any driver who is tired will display symptoms similar to alcohol impairment. However, large, heavy trucks have the potential to cause far more damage in a collision than smaller, lighter vehicles. For this reason, truck drivers and trucking companies have...

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